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Mudatuga gives lectures, training and workshops on home and community composting, raises environmental awareness, organizes team building activities and provides consultancy services for composting projects. Our clients can be individuals, companies, educational institutions, municipalities or other organizations.


Environmental Consulting

Mudatuga provides environmental consultancy services (with a focus on composting) to any entity interested in developing a composting project (domestic or community), from municipal councils to parish councils, companies or even small projects. Often, in these types of initiatives, it is necessary to develop composting manuals and/or information pamphlets, make applications for funds, create regulations, plan training and monitoring activities for participants, etc. Mudatuga can help your organization develop these activities or any other activities you need help with.


Team Building

Are you looking for activities to strengthen your team's bonds and spirit of collaboration?

With the transition to remote work and new hybrid models, many companies are looking for ways to reconnect their employees.

How about organizing a team building activity focused on learning about composting?

It would be a relaxed and effective way to promote team spirit, collaboration and trust among your employees.

MudaTuga works to co-create team building actions tailored to each organization. Please fill out the form below, and our team will contact you within 5 business days to schedule a framework meeting.

Composting Workshops

Mudatuga holds composting workshops on all composting methods: thermophilic (“garden”), vermicomposting (with worms) or Bokashi, both for organizations and individuals.

Take a look at the planned workshops, register your interest in us giving a workshop in your city or send us a message!


Lectures on Composting

Lunch time at your company and want to offer your employees a moment of learning outside the box?

Are you organizing an event about sustainability and need a lively speaker to demystify composting?

Mudatuga can help with your lectures on composting and other related topics!

Environmental Awareness

Having a very important role in building a more sustainable society, educational institutions, municipalities and other entities can, through environmental awareness and training, help people feel more involved and aware of the impacts generated by sustainable practices.

Mudatuga works with Schools and Universities to support learning about composting and topics related to sustainability. We raise environmental awareness for students and teachers, both to raise awareness among younger people and to support educators in teaching about composting, the nutrient cycle, recycling, zero waste, global warming and climate change.


Professional qualification

Recommended for professionals who want to qualify in the field of composting, we offer training focused on the professional development of skills for working in composting.

This is a 3-hour training focused on training employees to perform and teach Thermophilic composting, Vermicomposting or Bokashi techniques, with practical tips on how to support the learning of this method. Only in face-to-face format, with teaching material included. Maximum of 15 employees per class.

Mudatuga is a startup focused on composting education, whether for individuals or for any organization, public or private, that intends to implement a domestic or community composting project.


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