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training more and more compost ninjas


Andrea Franco

Project Manager

Hello, I'm ninja Andrea, biologist, MBA and passionate about mangroves. At Mudatuga I apply the various skills I have accumulated throughout my personal and professional career to manage projects in the area of ​​circular economy and sustainability.

My motto is: "it is not possible to be truly healthy on a sick Planet".

A curiosity that reveals something about me: I love funge!

Nathalia Gaiarim

International Project Manager

Curious and inquisitive, I am always looking to serve society in the most authentic and coherent way possible. I'm the least environmental engineer you'll ever meet. Passionate about the impact that human relationships and exchanges of experiences can have on each of us, and through these relationships, I believe that we can build, together, a more cooperative and sustainable world. At Mudatuga, I bring my experience with socio-environmental impact and my experiences abroad to the management of international projects.

My motto, as cliché as it may be, is: "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi.

An interesting fact that reveals something about me is that I practice aerial acrobatics and hang around.


Antónia Ribeiro

Project Manager

Biologist looking for meeting points between science, art and social justice. I believe in environmental education as an essential part of creating a sustainable future that includes ecological balance, climate neutrality, mental and physical well-being and equal rights. When I'm not promoting the circular economy and composting with MudaTuga, you can find me (trying) doing Muay Thai or crocheting with my cats.

Cristiana dos Santos

Environmental Project Management Intern

Hello, I'm ninja Cris! I am a biologist and have a master's degree in biological resources for sustainability. I'm starting my professional journey at MudaTuga and I'm super happy to contribute to the growth of this company whose values ​​are aligned with mine. I was a Girl Scout for 17 years and that's why I love camping, backpacking and climbing a mountain to watch the sunrise. I believe that education is the best weapon to change the world and I have always equipped myself with experiences related to associations, exchanges and volunteering, experiences that have given me a global vision of the world in which I want to live.

One of my great passions is board games and I love spending a good afternoon in the imagination of a good game.

A fun fact about me: one of my biggest dreams is to make the world my home and go volunteering all over the place.


Joana Pires

Intern in Educational Project Management

Hello, I'm Ninja Joana! I have a degree in Education Sciences and a certified trainer. I am very interested in accessibility and inclusion and I want to help MudaTuga in its mission to turn everyone into composting ninjas.

A fun fact about me is that I have many different hobbies! You can find me reading, crocheting, pottery, playing the guitar (very badly), singing in a choir and trying to become a polyglot as quickly as possible.

Maria Inês Mendes

Social Media Manager

Hello, I'm Maria Inês, a biologist from the University of Coimbra. At Mudatuga I am in charge of social media. I'm genuinely excited to expand the reach of our mission and connect with even more people!

I have a diverse background as an ecologist, and so I bring with me experiences and knowledge that I am eager to apply in a more business context. This new challenge at Mudatuga represents an exciting opportunity to learn and direct my focus to an area that also fascinates me, environmental education.

A curiosity that reveals something about me: on the weekends I have fun reviewing the TooGoodToGo boxes.

Mudatuga is a startup focused on composting education, whether for individuals or for any organization, public or private, that intends to implement a domestic or community composting project.


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