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Compostuga APP®

Compostuga APP® is an application built on Outsystems, pilot tested exclusively in the municipality of Montemor-o-Velho.
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It creates a database from user input and helps managers remotely monitor home composting, reducing operational costs in the field and helping to comply with European Directive 851/2018.

What if there was a way to know how much bio-waste you are diverting from landfills, or even know how the home composting process you are doing is going? With the Compostuga® APP (the pioneering application for bio-waste management in Portugal) our mission of turning everyone into composting ninjas has become easier.

Having been tested in the Municipality of Montemor-o-Velho, the Compostuga® APP demonstrated that it is capable, through gamification and data collection, of raising awareness among its users about the positive impact of composting.

It is also a support tool for municipalities, which since January 2024 have been obliged to carry out the selective collection of their bio-waste and monitor it.

Do you want to test the APP?

If you are a composting ninja and want access to the application, ask your municipality to acquire a usage license! MudaTuga aims for the app to be available free of charge to the population, therefore we budget and sell licenses only to public bodies, such as Municipalities and Parish Councils.

Acquire Usage License

If you are part of a public organization and want to test our technology for the medication and accountability of bio-waste diverted from the unsorted flow to ERSAR or other entities, this is the solution that came in handy for you!

The Compostuga® APP represents an innovative approach to quantifying domestic and community composting that integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, gamification and the collection of data on biowaste produced in real time.

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Mudatuga is a startup focused on composting education, whether for individuals or for any organization, public or private, that intends to implement a domestic or community composting project.


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